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Diverse Learning Environments

Early Childhood



The Two Year Old Program encourages language development and exposes the children to basic concepts and skills. The daily schedules includes age-appropriate lesson plans, art projects and development of fine and gross motor skills. Music and movement exercises and organized inside and ouside activities are planned throughout the day.

If your child is not potty-trained we will assist you with the process when you feel your child is ready. Our staff has a great success rate with potty-training our two year olds.

3 yr

Early Childhood

The Three Year Old Program is designed to encourage students to explore a variety of basic concepts and skills.

The children will learn names, sounds, and pictures of all the letters of the alphabet. Along with Creative Curriculum we use Handwriting without Tears. Hands-on learning accompanied with handwriting improves children’s writing and fine motor skills.

They will learn how to count to 50 and recognize numbers 1-15 and beyond. The curriculum includes shape and color recognition, opposites and positional concepts. Poems, rhymes, stories, and finger plays are integrated to make the learning process more meaningful and a fun experience for the child.

The teachers spend the year preparing the students for VPK and giving them the foundation they need to become accomplished learners.

4th yr

Mirasol School is a participant in the VPK (Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program) in Florida

VPK gives each child a solid foundation and opportunity to perform better in school and throughout life with quality programs that include age-appropriate curriculum with a strong emphasis on early literacy skills, accountability, manageable class sizes and qualified teachers.

The students will study phonics, math concepts and letter and number recognition as well as science exploration. Concepts and skills are integrated to make the learning process more meaningful for the children. Arts and crafts, music and movement, educational games and physical education are also important parts of the program.

After Care & Summer Camp
5-11 yr

After school time consists of homework, snack, athletic games, arts and crafts projects, music and movement exercises and more. Computers are accessible for educational use and recreational fun. Quiet areas are available for reading and quiet time.

During the summer our staff will host fun activities at the school as well as supervise field trips to local venues like Calypso Bay, Off the Wall Trampoline Center, Plaster Time, Burns Road Pool, Peanut Island, Sandoway Nature Center, Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and many more fun places.

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