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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


At Mirasol School our goal is to attract and retain the most talented, creative, and nurturing teachers who will encourage your child to develop socially and intellectually through exploration and structured play. Our teachers promote self-esteem, independence and problem solving by providing support, stimulation, and affection. We believe that your child will thrive in an environment that incorporates routine, structure and consistency. Our teachers follow a schedule that incorporates carefully planned small group activities and periods of outdoor play. We believe that family and community participation will enrich your child’s experience here at Mirasol School 

Health & Safety

Here at Mirasol School we go above and beyond to make sure your children are in the highest quality of care possible.

In order to create a safe and secure school for your children we have implemented numerous tactics such as installing security access upon entry, creating a clean and healthy environment, encouraging healthy eating habits and have a plan for food allergies, along with using state certified school buses.

With the help of  an amazing group teachers we are able to grow and team up with parents and families to achieve the best care for each and every child. 


The More You Know...

From the moment your baby first enters the world, they are ready to learn. In fact, one of the most crucial time periods in a child development and learning is from birth to 5 years old, for which they then reach 90% brain development. Within this time frame a childs brain develops more rapidly than at any other time in their life. And while genetics play a significant role, scientific research has made clear that the quality of a childs experiences in the first few years of life-positive and negative- helps shape how their brain develops, along with that these experiences have lasted impact on their health and ability to learn and succeed in school and in life.

By applying these interactions with parents and teachers we are able to help them use such senses to interact with the world around them. For it is a young childs daily experiences-the amount  and quality of care, stimulation and interactions they receive in their first days, weeks, months, and years- that determines which brain connections develop and will last forever.

At the end of the day, all children develop differently. Some children will want to walk or talk earlier than usual, while others make take more steps, but it's clear that the early years are the best opportunity for a childs brain to develop the connections they need to be healthy, capable, and successful adults. That's why its so beyond important to support healthy development of young children , because how they are raised and taught in the first 5 years lays the foundation for their life ahead.

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